Tomasz Jaworek

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My name is Tomek

I am system and software developer. My work till now always referenced to security and cryptography. Encryption and decryption on communication devices, management systems, vulnarability analysis and project management were in focus of my working life.

I am an avid reader. In my private life I like to read almost every kind of books but the short forms impress me most.

I like to communicate. I speak German, Polish, English and I understand a little bit of Russian.

If I were a musician I would play the guitar (even if I'm not so good) and listen to music where guitars sound like falling pearls.

And if I were a sportsman? No way, but between work, guitar and books I also try to move, the best is with a badminton racket in my hand or at a volleyball net.

In the remaining free time :-) I do small IT projects at home.

My name is Tomek